Who said photos have to be traditional? I am a story telling, moment creating, happiness making machine who knows that every family and every senior's story is completely unique and should be captured so. My goal as a lifestyle photographer is to make you feel completely comfortable in front of my camera so that you look and feel natural in the creation and outcome of your photos. 

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Hello! My name is Jean and I am a local and destination photographer based out of Michigan and North Carolina. I am the proud owner of a rad husband and four boys. While we all share an equal love for adventure, travel, board games, cool music, and delicious food, I have my own personal obsession with reality television, chick flicks, all things Hollywood, ridiculous amounts of throw pillows, and secretly looking at baby animals and dance videos while no one is looking.

Beyond all of that, I'm a girl who loves taking photos of people's connections and interactions. I've been photographing couples, families, and seniors for thirteen years and somehow I still can't believe I get to hang out with so many awesome people and document their love and most important life events for my career. Your  photos should tell the story of who you are at this exact time in your life. I'm excited to create some love magic for you!


story teller for people who love

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→ Love human connection and relationships
→ Want honesty and authenticity in your art
→ Enjoy love and happiness
→ Crave natural and candid moments
→ Value experience over production

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We're a match made in heaven

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